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BENDERLY Wifi Hotel Card Locks System Is Coming to SALE!


BENDERLY Wifi Hotel Card Locks System Is Coming to SALE!!
In 2014, BENDERLY researches Wifi hotel card locks system in order to meet market requirements. Compared with
Traditional wire online hotel door lock system (For example, RS485 & TCP/IP system), Wifi hotel door lock system is more
convenient. Because if with wire, sometimes there will be shortage on wire connection between lock and door and net. If
problem comes out, it is not so easy to find out. With wifi hotel lock system, there is no need for hotel to make layout for
wire on each lock.
At present, our Wifi hotel card locks system SAMPLE is being tested for last 2nd time. Once finished all kinds of test, we
will put it into mass production and begin to sell. Welcome to consult for BENDERLY Wifi Hotel Card Locks System.


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