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Hotel Card Locks F2-Silvery
1. Hotel Card Locks Factory
2. CE,FCC,ROHS etc
3. English, Arabic, French, Polish etc software with VIDEO
4. MOQ:100pcs
5. Excellent Quality & Patient Service
6. T5557/Mifare1 optional
Product Description
Technical parameters
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Hotel Card Locks Factory from China--BENDERLY Hotel Card Locks Manufacturer



2.Card Lock Characteristics:

-High-quality American Five-Latch for less noise;
-It`s more durable Mechanical tapered end accepts Zimu Set of bead structure.It`s aslo difficult for professional keymakers to open;
-Independent motor clutch design.It can avoid locks`inner struction because of damages of handles;
-Precise integral steel-casting process.In our lock surface,there is no screw. Moreover,it shows excellent resistance to destructions.
-Sliding-up concealled key hole design.It`s smooth and beautiful in its appearance.

3. Card Lock Parts:


4. Card lock system show:


5. Card Lock Certificates:

6. Card Lock Customer Show:

7.Card Lock Factory Show:

8, Card Lock Package:

9. Card Lock Shipping:

10. Card  Lock Payment:

TT: Hang Seng Bank Ltd (Hongkong)

Western Union & Paypal.

Notes: L/C acceptable with appropriate quantity.

Warmly welcome to our factory for a visit!

1.BENDERLY 7 Advantages: (Left side is BENDERLY LOCKS)



 Net weight: 3.75KGS.High standard. Good quality. CE FCC ROHS etc standard. 

 Net weight: 2.8KGS. Similar appearance. Without CE FCC ROHS etc standard. 


High quality motor+ speed cut structure.Long lifetime. Low consumption.Dynamic current <110MA.

Speed cuts 65%. Used for over 300000 times with Janpanese drive spring.

Normal motor. Short lifetime. High consumption. Dynamic current > 150MA.

Without speed cut structure. High failure rate. Easily rub off with domestic material drive spring


 Double deck structure design. Anti-riot panel. 2mm thickness door gusset plate. No distortion. Durable in violence.

 Single deck structure. Thin material. 1mm thickness door gusset plate. Easily distort. Not smooth in open doors



“ZIMU’ set bead mechanical key design, mutual opening rate is 0. Resistant tech of opening doors can last for 60 minutes, 

anti-violence tech lasts for 30 minutes. Not easy to copy mechanical keys.

   Normal mechanical key design. It is the most unsafe key cylinder at present. Resistant tech of opening doors can last for 5 minutes,

 anti-violence tech lasts for 15 minutes. Easy to copy mechanical keys anywhere .


 Import electronic components. Precise plate, import electronic components, stable nature, energy-saving.

 Data board is nonconductor, dust-proof, moisture-proof, and electric-conduct-proof.

 Normal electronic components.Domestic electronic components or second-hand electronic accessories. Poor stability.

 Data board is exposed on lock panel, not dust-proof, not moisture-proof and and uninsulate


High quality motor+ speed cut structure.Long lifetime. Low consumption.Dynamic current <110MA.

Speed cuts 65%. Used for over 300000 times with Janpanese drive spring.

 Normal motor.Short lifetime. High consumption. Dynamic current > 150MA.

 Without speed cut structure. High failure rate. Easily rub off with domestic material drive spring


Appearance with high quality finish

Polished plating finish. Salt Spray Test lasts over 72 hours. Vacuum PVD NM plating finish for golden color. Not easy to fade.

Car painting finish with UV curing. Not easy to fade.

Appearance with normal finish

Dark dumb color plating. Salt Spray Test lasts less than 48 hours. Normal water plating for golden color. Easily fade.

Normal painting finish.  Li NG Curing appearance. Without rigidity and easily fade.

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