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Keypad Door Locks E2-1
1. Keypad Door Locks factory
2. Certificate: CE,FCC, ROHS etc
3. 4pcs AA Alkaline Batteries.
4. Excellent Quality Patient Service
5. MOQ:10PCS
Product Description
Technical parameters
Installation method

-Type of Card: Mifare induced card
-Touch-key password input
-Swipe the card closely by microwave
-More than 27 kinds of door bells music can be chosen after the installation of door bells.
-The second generation resident identification card can be used as the key of opening doors.
-The type of unlocking can be set automatically: Both mifare card and code can realize unlocking independently/Unlocking can be realized with mifare card and code in the same -time. Cards can be set on locks without any system software. At most,2 pieces of management cards can be set and 200 pieces of opening cards.
-Code can be modified automatically. At most, one management code can be set and 50 codes for opening doors.
-Messy codes can be supported and inputed. At most, it can be inputed 12 passwords .
-Access can be set
-Alarm of “false lock”
-Alarm of low voltage
-Battery offers power supply. External emergency power can be also used.
-Double lock can be realized by lifting the handle up.
-Chain mechanical keys and national B-grade anti-theft cylinder. It is difficult to copy copy  with higher security. 










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